On February 28th, 1941, the First Ebenezer Baptist Church organization took place at the Peace Missionary Baptist Church where the Rev. J. H. Stinson was pastor. The Recognition services were held March 9th, 1941 at the Greater Temple Missionary Baptist Church located on 502 Sixth Street North. Rev J.R. Matthews, pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, served as moderator. It was at this meeting that the late Rev. William Henry Perry was called pastor.

Many services were held in the homes of Deacon and the late Mrs. J. F. Hardy and the late Mr. and Mrs. Felix Haney and others until a place of worship was secured. Through the influence of the late Mrs. Camille Hardy, the chapel of Bradford Funeral Home was used until the church building was finished. The lot at 420 Graymont Avenue North was purchased at a cost of $2000 from Mrs. E. A. Bradford of Bradford Funeral Home.The ground breaking took place on December 8th, 1941, the day following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The entrance on Homecoming took place on November 29, 1942. During the 1947-1958 administration of the late Rev W. H. Perry, the lot was purchased and completed, and many souls were saved. During the administration of the late Rev. Oscar W. Holliday from 1947-1958 an adjourning lot was purchased from Mr. Ross Walker. This lot is now used for parking. The church building was also remodeled. Rev. John Freeman Hardy served as pastor from 1958-1982. His accomplishments were many and many souls were saved during his leadership.

In May 1982, our present pastor, Rev. Robert E. Dawson, was chosen to serve God through us. He has proven that he is equal to the task by serving us faithfully and well. Under Pastor Dawson's leadership, we remodeled the church and purchased several properties. Pastor Dawson has also reinstated prayer service and adult bible study, helped members tithe, and has lead many souls to Christ. 

Today, we pay tribute to our God-inspired individuals who have followed the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. We also pay tribute to our honored ones who have gone on before us who struggled and contributed to keeping this church going. "The Lord has been good to us, whereof we are glad." This is a church that God built and it shall not be moved!